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Checkout drop-in SDK

The Malga Checkout and Malga Checkout Full are web/mobile interface drop-ins (components) simple to customize and extend. Within Malga Checkout SDK you get access to integrate a ready-to-go interface on the fire to make charges without one line of code just Malga the SDK into your app.

FeatureMalga CheckoutMalga Checkout Full
Pix module
Credit Card module
Boleto module
NuPay module
Drip module
Card tokenization
Bind card to the customer
It can integrate to sessions
Highly customizable
Order items list
It can capture customer data
Anti fraud support
Split support
Card validation (Zero Dollar)

Malga Checkout live preview

Below is the interactive version of Malga Checkout, where you can explore and use the interface.


You cannot wrap up a charge using the Malga Checkout live preview.

Malga Checkout Full live preview

You can access a Malga Checkout Full live preview by clicking here..


You cannot wrap up a charge using the Malga Checkout Full live preview.

Malga Checkout Full

Why Malga Checkout and Malga Checkout Full


The Malga Checkout is designed to be responsive and implement the payment methods you wish, without redirecting, all on your website. On the other hand, the Malga Checkout Full delivers the same responsive and payment methods benefits, but on a complete checkout page.


Highly customizable componentes, thought to you get the most flexibility to create beautiful interfaces in your way.

PCI Level 1

In compliance with the best payments industry security practices, using the Malga Checkout or Malga Checkout Full you can safe storage all the cardholder's data for future charges, simple and secure.

Simple usage

Our engineers drive up all the efforts to get your work simple, the Malga Checkout and Malga Checkout Full are the best option. Built for different frameworks, you can choose React, Angular, Vue or vanilla javascript.

First steps

  1. Set up your client token in your backend.
  2. Choose the SDK that has the best support for your business.
  3. Initialize the Malga Checkout chosen in your website or mobile app using the client token for public authentication.
  4. The Checkout SDK will collect all the data need to make the charge and create the transaction.
  5. Implement the callback methods paymentSuccess and paymentFailed of the chosen SDK (check the documentation of the chosen framework) to receive the created authorization data.
  6. For async payment methods, like PIX and Boleto, you must implement the webhooks notification in your backend to get noticed about confirmed charges.

Public authentication key

Is it possible to create public authentication key, with restricted access to API services.

You must use these client tokens every time you have to expose you api key in a client side application.

Creating the public authentication key Criando POST /v1/auth

  curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-Client-Id: <YOUR_CLIENT_ID>' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: <YOUR_SECRET_KEY>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"expires": 31104000"

Response with created public authentication key

"clientId": "<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>",
"publicKey": "<YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY>",
"scope": ["tokens"],
"expires": 31104000,
"createdAt": "20200110 00:00:00"

Your public key can be used like your secret api key, but has restricted scope and limited expiration time.

Get the Checkout SDK into your web or mobile app

Choose the best SDK distribution based in your preferred javascript framework: