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Split payment is a service that automatically splits receivables between two or more parties involved in a transaction. Therefore, it is mostly used by marketplaces, franchises, delivery apps, among other types of businesses that need to split receivables.

Participants of Split

The seller (or receivers) API was built to create and manage the partners that will eventually benefit from a split transaction. With this route of ours, you can create recipients, defining the receipt interval and bank account.

Once a seller has been created, its ID must be forwarded along with other data in the payload of a transaction to execute the Split.

Transaction flow with Split

  • Create a receiver (seller) informing basic identification and address data
  • Create a new charge informing as sellerId the previously created id of the recipient, that way we will use the buyer's data to generate the charge and distribute the receivables automatically.
  • Subsequently, the receiving customer may be notified that the payment has been canceled or contested on suspicion of fraud directly by the payer with their issuing bank.