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Plugin Woocommerce

By installing and activating Malga's plugin in your store, you will have a completely integrated interface ready for making charges using a credit card, pix or boleto without having to develop a single line of code, just installing and using it in your store.

Get started

1. Create a Malga account

Creating your Malga account is very important to use the services. With the creation of your account you'll have access to your credentials, cliend-id and api-key, which are necessary to use our services.

During the account creation is also made the setup for the payment providers that will be available for authorization in your account.


We are currently in beta and our services are with limited access at the moment. Contact us requesting access.

To start processing payments through Malga, you must have an account created.

2. Install and active the Plugin

  • Install our Woocommerce plugin directly from your store.
  • After accessing the admin panel of your store, select the "Plugins" option on the side menu of it.
  • Click on the "Add new" button and use the search located at the right to look for "Plug Pagamentos".
  • After the results are loaded, click on "Install now" inside the official Plug plugin card.
  • After the activation, the Malga's plugin will be available in the plugins installed list. Click on the "Activate" button and your plugin will be ready to be set up.

It's necessary to have "Brazilian Market on WooCommerce" installed to transact with Malga's plugin. If it doesn't, our plugin will request that you install and activate it automatically.

3. Set up your plugin to transact

The setup is the last necessary step to start transacting with Malga and can be done through the admin panel of your store.

To start setting up your plugin, click on "Settings" in Malga's plugin or go to woocomerce > settings > payments.

  • Fill up the credentials client-id, api-key, in the Plugin settings. This is mandatory.
  • You can use our sandbox environment to test your transactions. To use it, set up your merchantId sandbox credentials and turn on the environment.
  • It's also possible to choose and assign a key for Webhooks, if it makes sense for your company. After choosing this key, our plugin will return the URL address to you to receive the notifications.
  • To determine the company name that will be shown in the customer credit card invoice to describe the buy, just fill up the field "Statement Descriptor".
  • Last, choose the payment methods that you want to offer to your customers: credit card, boleto e PIX.
    • If boleto, it's possible to choose how many days it will be expiring; fill up the instructions and determine the format, amount and days for interest and penalty.
  • After finishing the setup, save your changes. Your store will be ready to make charges online with Malga!

If you still don't have the access credentials, contact us using to request it.