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Charges can be made using different payment methods, and the desired method must be entered in the paymentSource object of the charge. Each payment method uses a specific set of conditional parameters that are described below:

A paymentMethod represents the billing method chosen to process the transaction, supported methods are:

creditCharges made from a credit card, supports as sourceType: card, token or customer
pixCharges made from Dynamic QRCode in PIX format, supports as sourceType: customer
boletoCharges made from registered Invoices (Payment slips) supports as sourceType: customer
nupayCharges made from Transparent Flow of Nupay for Business API, supports as sourceType: customer

A sourceType represents the payer’s data that will be used to process the transaction, which can be a credit card, a temporary card token, or data from a buyer:

cardCharges made from a tokenized card using the cardId or with open card data (cardNumber, cardHolderName, cardCvv, cardExpirationDate)
tokenCharges made from a card token for non-recurring billing using tokenId
customerCharges made from registered purchaser using the customerId

Transaction Status

The possible statuses for a transaction on Malga are:

pendingTransaction created but not completed processing
pre_authorizedTransaction successfully pre-authorized pending capture
authorizedTransaction successfully authorized and captured
failedTransaction not authorized, check the error to identify the reason
canceledTransaction voided after being approved but not captured
voidedTransaction voided after approved and captured
refund_pendingTransaction awaiting chargeback that is in process
charged_backTransaction was challenged due to fraud, no acknowledgement of purchase or merchandise return

Charge Traceability

The attribute appInfo represents information related to traceability regarding billing, such as product transactions, device transactions, and operating system transactions, assisting in the identification, mapping, and traceability of resources generated in transactions.


Passing this attribute is optional. Learn more in the Charges service.

PlatformInformation about product transactions (checkout-sdk, vtex, magento, etc.)
DeviceInformation about the device (iOS, android, windows, linux)
SystemInformation about the merchant's proprietary capture system