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Analytics API

What is it?

The Analytics API Malga is a service that makes available the data of the payments made through our API, returning the information recorded during its processing by the providers.

Developed in GraphQL query language and NoSQL OpenSearch database, it offers high query performance.

The Analytics API enables a complete and accessible view of transaction data and their descriptions, allowing queries to be performed.

Through a request in the Analytics API, it is possible to return and combine data from different Malga services, obtaining the set of information necessary for management analysis and monitoring of payments processed in our API.

Daily data updating

API Analytics data is available in the D-1 standard, corresponding to information on charges processed up to the previous day. Our database is daily updated from 01:00 to 04:00 (UTC-3) and during the updating window the API is unavailable for requests.

How to use this guide?

In this guide, you will find information on:

  • GraphQL query language and the GraphiQL playground of the Analytics API;
  • How to make API calls through your browser using your Malga credentials;
  • Complete list of entities, queries and object types made available by the Analytics API.

To learn more about GraphQL, check out the official documentation, and to use the Analytics API GraphiQL playground, click here.