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Documentation of APIs for accessing Malga services

Malga is a payment service platform fully managed through API which gives you simple and fast access to dozens of payment providers with a single integration.

Malga's authorization engine ensures security and resilience of your payments. With our multi-provider authorization engine, we can increase the conversion of your sales by using different routing rules to reattempt transactions that would be denied on a first attempt or lost due to communication failure with providers. Our intelligent engine guarantees revenue gain by increasing the number of sales and improving conversion rates.

With our secure card data storage and protection service, you can safely tokenize your buyers' cards and data for future purchases. Our Card Vault complies with PCI best security practices. When you tokenize your cards, the data is stored in a secure environment that you manage, and you can perform transactions with any of Malga's approved providers. Once you tokenize with Malga, you can use the card anywhere you want.

With Malga's tokenization service you don't have to worry about complying with PCI standards and policies, Malga takes care of that so you can focus on your service and your customers.

First steps

1. Set up a Malga account

Setting up your customer account on Malga is a fundamental step in using the services. With the creation of your account, you will have access to the client-id and api-key credentials required to use the services.

During setup we also configure the payment providers that will be available for authorization in your account.


We are currently in Beta mode and our services have limited access at this time. Please contact us at requesting access.

Before going into production with your service, test your integration with Malga in our sandbox environment. In this environment the callbacks are mocked, making it possible to validate different scenarios.

2. Integrate

Integrate the [APIs REST]s(/en/api) or use one of the available plugins e SDKs.

3. Set up your payment providers

Choose the payment methods and set up the configuration of your provider's credentials in the admin.