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Malga makes available a well-defined list of error codes to facilitate the identification of the different types of problems that may occur during the integration.

Through this error specification it is possible to identify the errors that occur when a request is processed with authorization failure, or when it is rejected due to a functional error. The possible HTTP error categories are:

• (2xx) unauthorized; • (4xx) problem with the content of the request; • (5xx) internal error; • communication failure or timeout;

Return code

For unauthorized transactions that are rejected by the sender, Malga provides a standardized return code and a recommendation on how you should proceed with major errors.

Existing error.type

TypeHTTP codeDescriptionwhat to do
api_error500Unexpected errorPlease contact Malga’s support
bad_request400Error validating the data sent in the requestCheck error detail
invalid_request_error400Error while processing based on data sent requestCheck error detail
card_declined200Transaction not approved by the providerCheck the reason for rejection in the declined_code

Check the erro code table to detailed list about error.declinedCode