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Payment Link

The Payment Link is an easier way to create charges for products and services. Through our Dashboard or integrating with the Session's API, you can create a payment link for your customer using PIX, Boleto, or Credit Card. Your customer will pay the Link through a Malga Checkout Full experience, set up with your logo and colors.

During Link creating, you set up the payment settings, specifying the currency, the providers that you want to use and which payment method's you want to provide for your customers in the payment page, choosing between Pix, Boleto and/or Credit Card.

Using the Dashboard you are able to:

  • Create a Payment Link;
  • View all created links;
  • View a link detail;
  • Turn off a Payment Link;
  • Cancel a Link;
  • View the payment status of a Link.

Links List

Link Details

To create a Payment Link from your back-end you can integrate to Session's API. When you create a session sending the parameter createLink as true, the session will have a paymentLink, that you be returned by the creationg and the details route of a Link, this will be the URL that the payment environment will be available for you. You can read more details about creating a session on the API specification.

Payment experience

The Payment Link checkout uses our Malga Checkout Full, providing an experience fully responsive, customizable, safe and without integrating your back-end to ours.


The company settings still need to be done by us. With you want to change your company colors and logo, contact Malga team.

Link Checkout